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Sweet as Honey

Gerard singing "oh, baby, let me in" in Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two of Us. And the shots of that lovely plush mouth in the video, that oh-so-inviting, filthy, gorgeous mouth ready to be fucked and used. Holy fuck, just the shape of those lips and when they're slightly parted and he looks so messed up and yet innocent and slutty, so fuckable. And then the shit he does with his tongue. And god, I love thinking about that pretty pink tongue sliding out of that plush mouth and licking those cherry lips slowly...
Fucking hell fuck..

I mean, damn..

I hate deleters

Okay, I hadn't been in this one in forever, hadn't checked this one's email. Apparently LJ deleted my pixie_gee community because it claimed it only had two entries and hadn't been used in two years. Okay, yeah, the two years part was correct, but it had more than two entries. It had the same amount of fic entries this one had. Not that it matters, I was going to delete it anyhow since I have the fics here. But still... I can kinda see why this place isn't booming anymore. But I still sometimes like it.

Tiny Terror

Tiny Terror;
Author; Terrahfry
Pairing; Frerard, with little hints of Waycest, but nothing major or really incestuous.
Warning; The kinkiest thing I ever wrote, microphilia, tiny Gee, toys, masturbation, kinda crack-fic-ish.
Set-up; Poison finds a gadget in the desert, and one push of a button makes his whole world bigger.. and him smaller..
Disclaimer; Of course this never happened and never could happen in a million years. Completely fictional.

Tiny Terror...Collapse )


Title; Trigger
Author; Terrahfry
Pairing; Fun Ghoul/Party Poison.
Warning; Language, sex, inappropriate inanimate object/gun usage, masturbating, hand job.
Set-up; Sometimes Fun Ghoul hates the things Party Poison makes him do. Filthy shameless smut
Disclaimer; Fictional, never happened. I own nothing or no one.

Trigger...Collapse )

Of Dominates

Saw a gif of Frank once that said "plot twist, I am not the dominate". It kinda ticked me off, but I was thinking.. nah, you're right. Frank isn't the dom because Frank is the boy and Gerard is the girl. Don't you know that the "boy" or the "top" in the relationship isn't the dominate one? Nope, the "girl" or the "bottom" controls everything. Frankie will sit and do whatever Gerard tells him to do because Gerard has something Frank wants; A nice tight hole to fill. The boy will do whatever it takes because the girl has what they want and can take it away. (this if you really wanna gender specify gay relationships in slash fiction, which everybody freaking does). The boys/tops are whipped. Frank will hold Gerard's bags and sit outside the dressing room while Gerard tries on a million different outfits because later that night Frank'll be pounding that ass. Gerard will push Frank's buttons all through the day because in bed he likes when Frank gets to take it all out on his little ass. And Gerard likes when Frank's rough in bed and puts Gerard's sweet little bratty diva ass in place.

Frank doesn't have to be the bottom to not be dominate. Not ALL relationships are fucking S&M BDSM relationships. Not all sex is like that. I wish fanfiction writers could think of different angles to fucking use.

Create An Illusion (original version)

Title;Create An Illusion (original version with no names)
Pairing; Implied one-sided Frerard. Male/Male.
Rated; M/ L, S (dark, angst, character death, drinking & drug use, cross-dress, implied non-con sexual activity)
Set-up; He was only his lover inside his head. He had created this perfect illusion and this was the night it shattered.
Disclaimer; Fictional. Never happened. I own nothing or no one.

Create An IllusionCollapse )

Gerard's Alone Time

Title; Gerard's Alone Time
Author; Terrahfry
Pairing; Just Gee by himself.
Rated; M/ L, S (masturbation, fingering, fisting)
Set-up; After watching copious amounts of videos/gifs of Gerard groping himself, I just wanted to write him masturbating. So I did one night on Twitter. Gerard Way has some slutty alone time.. Just for fantasy. I own nothing. Slash implied I guess, esp going on by the way he's playing..

Disclaimer; Fictional. Never happened. I own nothing or no one.

Alone Time...Collapse )


Warning- this next one contains rape. If that makes you squeamish, don't click.

Title; Docile
Author; Terrahfry
Pairing; Random Male Orderly/Gerard Way.
Rated; M/ L, S, V (rape, anal, forced orgasm, mentions of bondage, angst, medicinal drugs- he's in an asylum)
Set-up; Apparently he was considered damaged in the asylum they locked him in, & someone was out to damage him even more. One shot. One of my first times writing Gerard at all.
Disclaimer; Fictional. Never happened. I own nothing or no one.

Docile...Collapse )

Flapper or Fapper

Shit I made. Picture's not mine, just the words are mine. It's just a poor joke & like a mini fanfic. (no, these are not actual quotes)

A Flapper was a term for a wild, smoking, party woman of the 1920s. Fapper.. well, to fap means to masturbate in slang terms, so.. eh. Maybe poor Frank's confused, but nah. I think he's got it just right ;P (& it's an excuse to think about Gerard dressed as a Flapper girl.. or fapping.. or both)


Title; Pineapple
Author; Terrahfry
Pairing; Frank/Gerard.
Rated; M/ L, S (talks of fanfiction, lube, some spanking, teasing, brattiness)
Set-up; Gerard wants lube. & he wants pineapple flavored or else. It was originally tweeted on Twitter. Kinda crack-ish. Did for fun.
Disclaimer; Fictional. Never happened. I own nothing or no one.

Pineapple...Collapse )

You're Beautiful (one shot)

Title; You're Beautiful
Author; Terrahfry
Pairing; Frank/Gerard.
Rated; T/ L (fluff, boys kissing)
Set-up; Frank's amused at Gerard's interesting way of getting the crowd to aid in a song, & fish for compliments at the same time.
Disclaimer; Fictional. Never happened. I own nothing or no one.

You"re Beautiful...Collapse )

Mirrors Can Be Assholes (one shot)

Title; Mirrors Can Be Assholes
Author; Terrahfry
Pairing; Frank/Gerard.
Rated; M/ L (some suggestiveness, self-consciousness)
Set-up; Mirrors can be complete assholes.

Mirrors Can be Assholes...Collapse )

It Takes Discipline (smut, one shot)

Title; It Takes Discipline
Author; Terrahfry
Pairing; Frank/Gerard.
Rated; M/ L, S (cattyness, hyperness, spankings, oral, fingering, anal, stroking)
Set-up; Frank has to 'deal with' a hyper bratty Gerard. Smut w/ an all-over-the-place plot, spankings, coffee, comics, smoothies- none in that order..

Disclaimer; Fictional. Never happened. I own nothing or no one.

It Takes Discipline...Collapse )

Lazy Day (smut- one shot)

Title; Lazy Day
Author; Terrahfry
Pairing; Frank/Gerard.
Rated; M/ L, S (oral, fingering, anal, stroking, dirty-talk)
Set-up; Frank & Gerard have a lazy morning & a little fun in the shower.
Disclaimer; Fictional. Never happened. I own nothing or no one.

Lazy Day...Collapse )

Ribbon One Shot

Title; Ribbon
Author; Terrahfry
Pairing; Frank/Gerard.
Rated; M / L (eh, nudity)
Set-up; When Gerard is finally "ready" to go out, it isn't what Frank expected.

Disclaimer; Fictional. Never happened. I own nothing or no one.

Ribbon...Collapse )

Pouty One Shot

Title; Pouty
Author; Terrahfry
Rated; T/ L (some fluff)
Pairings; Frank/Gerard.
Set-up; An allergic reaction sends Gerard to the hospital. & it's good that he has someone special there to laugh at him.

Disclaimer; Fictional. Never happened to these guys. I own nothing or no one. The random doctor is just based on every random emergency room doctor.

Pouty...Collapse )

Eh, Just An Opening Entry

Secondary account for terrahfry. The same writer by the same name that's everywhere else. This account just simply for posting my MCR slash, Frerard, & Gerard Way obsession.

This is for M/M SLASH! I do not write girlfriends & wives, or het. (altho, I have been known to write a pegging fic or two) This is strictly fictional! For fantasy! About the most cannon slash pairing I can find. None of this ever happened- but maybe some of it did. Who's to say. I claim to know or own nothing. I make no profits. I also have warning for content on each fic. They're mainly one shots right now. I'm not that known in the MCR fandom, primarily b/c I've been lurking in the shadows & only bitching about it to my friends who tolerate it on Twitter.

Me as an MCR fan- I've been a fan of MCR's music for a year now (since Jan/Feb 2011) I don't honestly know why I was never a fan before, I regret that. I loved Helena since forever & had the Revenge album despite never really listening to it in full. I've loved songs Welcome To The Black Parade, Teenagers, I Don't Love You & later Na Na Na & SING. Starting at OCT 2010 I started going thru hell w/ my health. I suffered thru a never-ending everyday menstrual cycle & a horribly crippling pain in the back of my left leg that literally put me in bed. I'm used to health issues & pain, but this was the worst. I felt hopeless. I had became obsessed w/ the Ghost Of You song & would just lay in bed, listen & cry, & it helped. I started obsessively listening to the rest of the Revenge album & just fell it love w/ the music & Gerard's voice. I had to have everything else after that. I still continued w/ pain & admittedly their music forced me to go to doctors & get the problem fixed. Today I'm not 100 percent well, but I am much better. Back there at my worst I wanted to die. So yes, maybe cliched, but their music & reading Gerard's quotes on the internet kept me sane & fighting. It helped me save myself. & yes, shamefully I found Gerard just too inhumanly pretty. There's not an album/song of theirs I hate. I'm addicted to their music in every way & I do respect & love & cherish every member (past & present) of that glorious band, even if I don't write them. I use mainly Gerard & Frank's images to fuel my dirty slash stories & fantasies, but I try to keep that separate from my love of their music. But, hell, it's only entertainment & I'm only human ;)

This is for me to post/share my writing. I may post the occasional rant or pictures of my boys. I only like a bottom Gerard & that's hard to find b/c MCR slashers seem to have their own reasons for liking a bottom Frank. I do not like a bottom Frank unless it'd be to Mikey b/c I just like a top Mikey (however that's only if Gerard's in the middle, cuz I don't really ship Frikey -shrugs-). So if I want Frerard done my way, I have to search endlessly to find it, or write it myself. I don't mean to sound bitchy, but how the majority of fans can see Gerard as a strict top is a mystery to me. I mean, damn, they could at least switch or something so I could have part of my way. (sorry about the bad pun)

This is for me to celebrate my love of a uke/submissive/bottom Gerard, maybe bitch about not getting to read it or see it in art & shit as often. If you only prefer a top Gerard & bottom Frank, good for you, but stay away from here, you won't like it. If you like a bottom Gerard, maybe you'll see my frustration. The deal is, I can't see Gerard as a top at all. Or as a manly dominate macho thing that he's always written as. I can see him as crazy or somewhat of a bossy bottom, but not as a top. He's too innocent & adorable looking to top to me, it's the way he looks & acts & moves, & yes I am picky. I know Frank's younger & shorter & has tattoos & piercings, but he looks like he has more of an edge to him. I sometimes like Frank as a bit of an ass or as a psycho killer, it's just sexy to me. I sometimes like reading this more than an abused Gerard. I don't care how Gerard's character is as long as he bottoms. These are just MY preferences. When I first made the motion to decide to slash Gerard, I thought; 'oh, boy, he's so fucking pretty. He just has to bottom, there just has to be plenty of people writing him as a gorgeous bottom..' But nope. Frank's the choice bottom in the MCR slash fandom & that disappoints me. I just want to read & see what I want to. I have never seen Gerard as a top & I just never will. I could say I'm sorry, but I am not.

I've listed a few other of my interests b/c they might come up. But this is strictly a fan journal. I'm really just posting for myself.. & anyone else who finds it.