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Not Your Daddy

Title Goes Here;
Warnings; Just slight Daddy-kink- mainly just dirty sex talk- bondage, cockring, orgasm denial, consented sex, spanking, anal fingering, anal fucking, oral, sex toys, domestic, role-play kinda.
Set-up; Frank gets irritated at Gerard suggesting he get out of the cold, because Gerard is not his daddy when really Gerard is just genuinely concerned about his boyfriend. Fanfic is bothering Frank again, kinky sex ensues.
Pairing; Frerard.
Author; Terrahfry.
Disclaimer; It could happen.. only in my dreams.
AO3; http://archiveofourown.org/works/9609287/chapters/22756772

Not Your Daddy...Collapse )

Fangirl Logic; Who Tops and Who Bottoms
Part three/ 'Fangirls Don't Fucking LIsten'
Set-up; Two dumb fangirls (who I need to name), refuse to listen to any reason and take Frank to the hospital when it's Gee who is in labor. They soon find out that you don't fuck with a pregnant diva. Frerard. Mpreg, crackfic. These fics also take Frank and Gerard out of character. Way out of character, no pun.. okay, a little pun.

Fangirls Don't Listen...Collapse )

Fangirl Logic; Who Tops and Who Bottoms
Part two/ 'You Just Can't Win The Argument, Part Two'
Set-up; Fans can never get top/bottom status right in fandoms, as Frank and Gerard find out for themselves. Slight pop at fans, fans and their lame excuses for who tops/bottoms, some language, pouty Gerard. Tastefully done vendetta fic. Crackfic. These fics also take Frank and Gerard out of character.

You Just Can't Win, Part two...Collapse )

Fangirl logic; Who Tops and Who Bottoms
Part one/ 'You Just Can't Win The Argument, Part one'
Set-up; Because any excuse is better then none. Twisted sexism; It's 'sexist' to think the girl always bottoms, unless you call the bottom the girl.
AN; Sometimes I write crackfic aimed at how bottom!Frank fans act when you say you want Gerard to bottom instead. They come up with a these irritating reasons why you're wrong and they're right. Okay, so this was done in fun and frustration. I want to say it's not intended to piss them off, but their reasoning for Frank bottoming and Gerard topping pisses me off, so we're even. These fics also take Frank and Gerard out of character. Really OOC.

You Just Can't Win, part one...Collapse )


When I first posted The White Room on AO3 I was getting at least a couple of comments and that made me feel good, confident, that made me happy and knowing that people actually were reading and enjoying it made me want to write more. I even posted my Frerard Shots there and got a few comments at first. Then a few chapter posts ago, the comments stopped. And that sucks, okay. I never wanted to beg for comments, but it sucks and it hurts not getting any. I worked hard on this, I don't get paid to do this. I do it because I wanted people to enjoy my work again. Okay, let me tell you what no reviews feels like, it feels like no one is interested in the story, no one likes it. That's what it looks like too. So, I wonder what I did wrong, did it start to suck, did it start to get boring? If people are bored, why continue? It feels pathetic to keep posting something no one is interested in, that everyone ignores. I guess I left the internet for these reasons, I came back to still be ignored. I know they say just write for yourself, write what you want. But if I'm gonna do that, there's no point in taking time to type this shit out, which usually hurts and is frustrating no matter how I do it, no point in editing over it multiple times, or posting it on the internet and dealing with the anxiety. This shit is actually work. I don't get paid money, I do it for love, to know I entertain, to know people might like the same shit I do, I get paid in comments and faves. I mean, I guess it can be considered that I'm not getting flames. I don't know if I'd ever minded constructive criticism, maybe I'm too sensitive for that as well. Isn't it a shame, I'll accept being ignored because at least it's better than being outright insulted. But ignored still says no one cares. I have gotten mad in the past for shitty comments. Like someone saying 'funner' wasn't a word, when the character used it as dialogue, basically as slang. And I got mad because on the chapter 'It Takes Discipline' someone reminded me that Mikey was younger than Gerard, which confused me cuz I never said he wasn't in the chapter. So, I assumed they meant because Gerard was coffee-jazzed and hyper and since he was older than Mikey and Frank, he was supposed to be the responsible one while they acted like children, he wasn't allowed to be hyper or in a good mood, or have fun. Or maybe since he was older he should've been spanking and raping them both, and those thoughts made me really mad so I let them have it in the next chapter. They had reviewed anonymously, since FFDN lets them do that now- at least I can delete stupid anon comments, but I still have to see them- So, since they didn't login, I couldn't reply to them to ask what they meant.

I stopped writing for Frerard a couple of years ago because I got no comments, no feeling that anyone was even reading, especially on LJ, and I thought it must mean they didn't enjoy it or care, and I thought my Frerard Shots sucked anyway because I was new to writing Gerard at the time.. also I like Gerard to bottom, and I've been told many times via my PixieGee tumblr blog that he tops, even tho I'll never ever agree with that shit. The majority of the fandom likes Frank to bottom, he's their baby. Well, Gerard's my baby. I found the same attacks in the wrestling slash fandom years ago, but at least I still had readers who loved what I was doing anyway. So I took Gerard and put him in my wrestling world. I thought he was much smaller than the wrestlers so no one would give a damn if he bottomed to them. That was the issue with Frank anyway, right? He was just a little bit smaller and shorter than Gerard, so he must be tiny baby and the obvious bottom. Gerard isn't that damn big, that's what they forget. He's pretty small himself and only stands at 5'9 and he slouches. He's also very delicate and soft looking and that turns me on. But I had to change his last name, I gave him my real life last name Davis, because FanFicDotNet are assholes that like to remove certain fics for bullshit reasons- not because a fic is so poorly written you can't read it, or because they completely trash the characterization of the people I admire, but for writing real people, for writing it out like a script, or using a dirty word in the summary. So I couldn't write Gerard Way of MCR, he had to become Gerard Davis and be my OC. He was accepted there overall.. but I'm bored and disappointed with wrestling anymore, so I don't want to write it.

So I stuck to writing Gerard with my Mary Sue Taryn, still having him bottom because I like femdom and pegging, but those were just for me because no one wants to see my Mary Sue with Gerard Way. Those I really just did write for myself and kept to myself.

Anyway, it's not important I guess, I know some people are reading, I just hope they enjoy it. I was still having fun with The White Room, comments or not. It just bums me out. I do enjoy writing, but with the pain I stay in, it really is hard to do what I love. I just want to know that others love what I'm doing too. But I don't want anyone to feel an obligation to comment because I'm whining. I'm not whining, and I hate feeling under obligation myself. It's okay, if you don't review or comment, I know I read a lot and don't comment- mainly because I feel my opinions aren't important or wouldn't matter, those writers are better than me anyhow. I'm just posting this to tell you how I feel, nothing more. I want people to comment because they want to, not because they were guilted or asked. I'm not trying to do that. I'm just saying it feels bad when it feels like no one wants to comment on their own free will, or just because they like it. That's all. Anyway, happy reading, no matter what that is.

Slippery When Wet- one shot

Slippery When Wet;
Warnings; Only looks like Gerard has a peeper, not really non-con, role-play, voyeurism.
Set-up; Gerard has some relaxing alone time in a bath, rubbing his hands all over his wet skin, but someone is watching him and wants to play too.
Pairing; Frerard.
Author; Terrahfry.
Disclaimer; Didn't happen, I'm sure..

Slippery When Wet..Collapse )

The White Room- chp eight Visitor Day

The White Room;
Chapter eight/ 'Visitor Day'
Warnings; Tickling, some kissing, some masturbation.
Set-up; Mikey comes to visit again, and while Gerard loves seeing his brother, he's not in a very good mood, Frank usually makes things better..
Pairing; Future Frerard.
Author; Terrahfry.
Disclaimer; Never happened.

AO3; http://archiveofourown.org/works/9448790/chapters/22693112

Visitor Day...Collapse )

The White Room;
Chapter seven/ 'The Storm on the Outside'
Warnings; A patient masturbating.
Set-up; Frank likes to send gifts, Gerard likes to draw, Roman likes to be a creep, the weather likes to storm.
Pairing; Future Frerard.
Author; Terrahfry.
Disclaimer; Didn't happen.

Storm...Collapse )

The White Room- chp six Animated

The White Room;
Chapter six/ 'Animated'
Warnings; Flashbacks to some really creepy, uncomfortable molestation in italics. Really, it made even me uncomfortable, so just skip it if you don't want to read it. It borders on pedophilia, but there's really no underage, just a twisted psycho fantasizing there is.
Set-up; Gerard busies himself in his art and refuses to sleep because his captors are in his dreams.
Pairing; Future Frerard.
Author; Terrahfry.
Disclaimer; Didn't happen, ever.
AO3; http://archiveofourown.org/works/9448790/chapters/21908762

Animated...Collapse )

The White Room- chp five Expressions

The White Room;
Chapter five/ 'Expressions'
Warnings; Some dirty trash talk, a derogatory term.
Set-up; Gerard feels horrible after his break down and reverts back inside his head, Lenny tries to start shit.
Pairing; Future Frerard.
Author; Terrahfry
Disclaimer; Never happened.
AO3; http://archiveofourown.org/works/9448790/chapters/21878510

Expressions...Collapse )

The White Room- chp four Ups and Downs

The White Room;
Chapter four/ 'Ups and Downs'
Warnings; Flashbacks to graphic rape in italics, angst.
Set-up; Lenny tries to start trouble and Gerard has a breakdown after some nasty flashbacks.
Pairing; Future Frerard.
Author; Terrahfry
Disclaimer; Thankfully never happened.

AO3; http://archiveofourown.org/works/9448790/chapters/21715442

Ups and Downs...Collapse )

The White Room;
Chapter three/ 'Chemical Reaction'
Warnings; Some grossness, nothing major.
Set-up; Gerard has a reaction to what Lenny dosed him with and Frank stays with him.
Pairing; Future Frerard.
Author; Terrahfry
Disclaimer; Still never happened.

AO3; http://archiveofourown.org/works/9448790/chapters/21708416

Chemical Reaction...Collapse )

The White Room- chp two Patients

The White Room;
Chapter two/ 'Patients'
Warnings; Flashbacks to rape, language, mentions of the paranormal.
Set-up; Gerard misses being creative and Frank plans to encourage that, it's also visitor day and his brother comes to see him. Lenny's an asshole.
Pairing; Future Frerard.

Author; Terrahfry
Disclaimer; Never happened.
On AO3; http://archiveofourown.org/works/9448790/chapters/21400292

Patients...Collapse )

Sweet as Honey

Gerard singing "oh, baby, let me in" in Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two of Us. And the shots of that lovely plush mouth in the video, that oh-so-inviting, filthy, gorgeous mouth ready to be fucked and used. Holy fuck, just the shape of those lips and when they're slightly parted and he looks so messed up and yet innocent and slutty, so fuckable. And then the shit he does with his tongue. And god, I love thinking about that pretty pink tongue sliding out of that plush mouth and licking those cherry lips slowly...
Fucking hell fuck..

I mean, damn..

The White Room- chp one Captive

The White Room;
Chapter one/ 'Captive'
Warnings; Language, mentions of rape and torture.
Set-up; After being held captive for a week by three men, Gerard Way ends up in a mental institution, where even after their convictions he remains following a break down. Then an orderly named Frank Iero takes an interest in him and befriends him, but Gerard just can't understand why Frank thinks he's so wonderful.
Pairing; Future Frerard.
Author; Terrahfry
Disclaimer; Never happened.
Also on AO3; http://archiveofourown.org/works/9448790/chapters/21376676

CaptiveCollapse )

I hate deleters

Okay, I hadn't been in this one in forever, hadn't checked this one's email. Apparently LJ deleted my pixie_gee community because it claimed it only had two entries and hadn't been used in two years. Okay, yeah, the two years part was correct, but it had more than two entries. It had the same amount of fic entries this one had. Not that it matters, I was going to delete it anyhow since I have the fics here. But still... I can kinda see why this place isn't booming anymore. But I still sometimes like it.

Tiny Terror

Tiny Terror;
Author; Terrahfry
Pairing; Frerard, with little hints of Waycest, but nothing major or really incestuous.
Warning; The kinkiest thing I ever wrote, microphilia, tiny Gee, toys, masturbation, kinda crack-fic-ish.
Set-up; Poison finds a gadget in the desert, and one push of a button makes his whole world bigger.. and him smaller..
Disclaimer; Of course this never happened and never could happen in a million years. Completely fictional.

Tiny Terror...Collapse )


Title; Trigger
Author; Terrahfry
Pairing; Fun Ghoul/Party Poison.
Warning; Language, sex, inappropriate inanimate object/gun usage, masturbating, hand job.
Set-up; Sometimes Fun Ghoul hates the things Party Poison makes him do. Filthy shameless smut
Disclaimer; Fictional, never happened. I own nothing or no one.

Trigger...Collapse )

Of Dominates

Saw a gif of Frank once that said "plot twist, I am not the dominate". It kinda ticked me off, but I was thinking.. nah, you're right. Frank isn't the dom because Frank is the boy and Gerard is the girl. Don't you know that the "boy" or the "top" in the relationship isn't the dominate one? Nope, the "girl" or the "bottom" controls everything. Frankie will sit and do whatever Gerard tells him to do because Gerard has something Frank wants; A nice tight hole to fill. The boy will do whatever it takes because the girl has what they want and can take it away. (this if you really wanna gender specify gay relationships in slash fiction, which everybody freaking does). The boys/tops are whipped. Frank will hold Gerard's bags and sit outside the dressing room while Gerard tries on a million different outfits because later that night Frank'll be pounding that ass. Gerard will push Frank's buttons all through the day because in bed he likes when Frank gets to take it all out on his little ass. And Gerard likes when Frank's rough in bed and puts Gerard's sweet little bratty diva ass in place.

Frank doesn't have to be the bottom to not be dominate. Not ALL relationships are fucking S&M BDSM relationships. Not all sex is like that. I wish fanfiction writers could think of different angles to fucking use.

Create An Illusion (original version)

Title;Create An Illusion (original version with no names)
Pairing; Implied one-sided Frerard. Male/Male.
Rated; M/ L, S (dark, angst, character death, drinking & drug use, cross-dress, implied non-con sexual activity)
Set-up; He was only his lover inside his head. He had created this perfect illusion and this was the night it shattered.
Disclaimer; Fictional. Never happened. I own nothing or no one.

Create An IllusionCollapse )

Gerard's Alone Time

Title; Gerard's Alone Time
Author; Terrahfry
Pairing; Just Gee by himself.
Rated; M/ L, S (masturbation, fingering, fisting)
Set-up; After watching copious amounts of videos/gifs of Gerard groping himself, I just wanted to write him masturbating. So I did one night on Twitter. Gerard Way has some slutty alone time.. Just for fantasy. I own nothing. Slash implied I guess, esp going on by the way he's playing..

Disclaimer; Fictional. Never happened. I own nothing or no one.

Alone Time...Collapse )


Warning- this next one contains rape. If that makes you squeamish, don't click.

Title; Docile
Author; Terrahfry
Pairing; Random Male Orderly/Gerard Way.
Rated; M/ L, S, V (rape, anal, forced orgasm, mentions of bondage, angst, medicinal drugs- he's in an asylum)
Set-up; Apparently he was considered damaged in the asylum they locked him in, & someone was out to damage him even more. One shot. One of my first times writing Gerard at all.
Disclaimer; Fictional. Never happened. I own nothing or no one.

Docile...Collapse )

Flapper or Fapper

Shit I made. Picture's not mine, just the words are mine. It's just a poor joke & like a mini fanfic. (no, these are not actual quotes)

A Flapper was a term for a wild, smoking, party woman of the 1920s. Fapper.. well, to fap means to masturbate in slang terms, so.. eh. Maybe poor Frank's confused, but nah. I think he's got it just right ;P (& it's an excuse to think about Gerard dressed as a Flapper girl.. or fapping.. or both)


Title; Pineapple
Author; Terrahfry
Pairing; Frank/Gerard.
Rated; M/ L, S (talks of fanfiction, lube, some spanking, teasing, brattiness)
Set-up; Gerard wants lube. & he wants pineapple flavored or else. It was originally tweeted on Twitter. Kinda crack-ish. Did for fun.
Disclaimer; Fictional. Never happened. I own nothing or no one.

Pineapple...Collapse )



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