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Fangirl Logic; Who Tops and Who Bottoms
Part three/ 'Fangirls Don't Fucking LIsten'
Set-up; Two dumb fangirls (who I need to name), refuse to listen to any reason and take Frank to the hospital when it's Gee who is in labor. They soon find out that you don't fuck with a pregnant diva. Frerard. Mpreg, crackfic. These fics also take Frank and Gerard out of character. Way out of character, no pun.. okay, a little pun.

Frank was literally at the end of his rope. These two girls squealed, they jumped, now they were surrounding him, two of them seeming like ten.

"Oh, my god! He's so tiny and cute!" The blonde shouted.

"Could put you in my pocket! Oh my god, oh my god.. just look at him!" The brunette shouted.

Frank growled, literally jumping a whole two feet in the air as he shouted. "Will you fucking stop it?!"

They squealed again, messing up his hair... well, it had been cut short. Frank had grew facial hair. He tried everything to look at least more boyish to them. It wasn't working. They were brain dead.

"Frankie..? I have a problem.." Gerard said rather smally. "I think my water broke.."

Frank perked, trying to pull away from the fan's clutches. "Really? Oh, shit.."

"Oh, my god! Hear that? Frank's water broke!" The blonde giggled.

"We have to get him to the hospital!"

"Hey, what?! But I'm not the one pregnant! Take your hands off me, let me go!" Frank struggled as the two hyper and dumb girls drug him away. "Gerard, it'll be okay! Call Mikey! Just breathe! Oh, shit. Imma be a father!"

"Yes, a fine little mother." The blonde cooed.

Frank growled. "Shut the fuck up, you stupid bitch!"

Gerard blinked, squirming uncomfortably and rubbing his swollen tummy. This was unbelievable.

At the hospital, the two crazy fangirls wheeled Frank in in a wheelchair. "We need a room. He's going into labor."

The doctor's and nurses and receptionists couldn't be bothered to even look up, just simply pointed back to a room.

"Wait! No, I'm not! You gotta help me! These bitches are crazy! I'm NOT pregnant!"

"Now relax, Mama." The brunette said and they followed a nurse.

By the time Gerard waddled up to the front desk at the hospital, he was panting and tired and really just wanted his husband for this. "Um, hi. Hello. I'm going into labor."

"Ah, yes. We have another c-section about to take place." The doctor said.

"Short male, tattooed, pierced, wiry, short black hair, kinda scruffy?" Gerard asked.

The doctor nodded.

"Oh, god! They're gonna cut my Frankie open!" The singer shouted, tugging at his hair.

"We don't have time for this." Mikey groaned behind him.

Gerard hushed his brother. "Which room?"

The doctor pointed and Gerard thanked him and waddled off that way.

"Can't we just shoot those bitches?" Mikey asked, following.

"Not in public." Gerard sighed.


"Oh, you're gonna be such a great little mother.." They just kept on and Frank was at wits end as they fussed over him and held him down. He was about to scream when Gerard finally arrived.

"Hey! Get the hell off my husband!" The redhead snapped angrily, pulling one girl off.

"You mean wife.." She blinked dumbly.

Gerard twitched. "Listen carefully. I, me, myself," He pointed to himself. "Am the pregnant one. I am in serious pain and am in labor. Let him go before I hurt you!"

"But you can't be pregnant, Gerard. You're the obvious top. To be pregnant, Frank would've had to fuck you and that's just not possible."

Gerard growled and bitch-slapped the blonde, shaking her. "I AM the fucking bottom! I don't know where you got it in your head that Frank's my girlfriend, wife, the bottom, the bitch, pregnant, but CUT IT OUT! I'm pregnant and about to bust, see?" He held her hand to his stomach where his unborn child kicked in frustrated protest that it dared be denied life. Frank, on the other hand, found Gerard's fit simply hilarious and burst out in a fit of mad laughter.

The blonde cocked her head to the side. "Uh, duh..?"

"Quit, goofing around, Gee. Frank's having a baby. Now be a good husband and fetch us a doctor." The brunette said. Some people just never listened to any logic or reason.

Gerard smacked a hand to his face, picked up a metal bed pan and clocked her over the head with it before doing the same to the blonde. "C'mon. We're going to another hospital." He said, dragging an in hysterics Frank along.

"I don't think we have time.." Mikey pointed out.

"We will make time!" Gerard shouted angrily.

Frank stumbled along after his diva, laughing till his sides hurt and tears were in his eyes.

Really, it's probably major metaphoric for people who you just can't make see your side of reason no matter what you say or how you put it- not just for Frerard, fanfiction, or tops and bottoms, but in all kinds of situations. It's frustrating and irritating. It's like that jackass scene in Family Guy where the donkey keeps saying Kevin Bacon wasn't in Footloose, when the guy is trying to tell him that Kevin Bacon is the main character and the donkey won't hear it even though it's totally true. God, that scene frustrates me, lol. The "can we shoot them?" "Not in public" lines came from Supernatural. Dean about Bela: "Can I shoot her?" Sam, lacklustered: "Not in public."



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