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Title; Pineapple
Author; Terrahfry
Pairing; Frank/Gerard.
Rated; M/ L, S (talks of fanfiction, lube, some spanking, teasing, brattiness)
Set-up; Gerard wants lube. & he wants pineapple flavored or else. It was originally tweeted on Twitter. Kinda crack-ish. Did for fun.
Disclaimer; Fictional. Never happened. I own nothing or no one.

Gerard blinked as he clicked through the copious amount of Frerard fanfiction. "I never get any lube.." He pouted.

"Hm. Cherry or grape flavor?" Frank asked, holding up in each hand a distinctive bottle.

The pouty redhead folded his arms. "Pineapple."

Frank blinked that time. "Do they even make pineapple?"

Gerard shrugged. "I didn't even know they made grape! I want pineapple or I don't want any."

Frank nodded. "I can see why you never get any lube.." The other male said, scratching his head. "Also, omg, the writer is letting you be a redhead. I thought she had like something against writing you with red hair.." Frank exclaimed as Gerard picked at his red locks.

"Nah. The red makes me sassier.. so about that lube..?" Gerard asked, batting his eyes.

"There's no fucking pineapple." Frank said.

Gerard huffed.

A bit later Gerard put his laptop away. Sitting on the bed quietly for a moment, hands in his lap and playing with his fingers.. the redhead swallowed, a hint of a mischievous smirk playing on his lips. He scooted over to Frank, reaching over and letting his fingers walk up his leg.

"Frankie.." He cooed sweetly. "Y'know, if you go out and find me a bottle of pineapple, I might put on a show.." He coaxed, laying his head on Frank's shoulder.

Frank nodded quietly, considering this. Really, what the fuck was wrong with the grape or the cherry? Why did Gerard have to be difficult?

"Bet you'd like to see these fingers buried deep in my ass.. watch me buck back into them as I finger myself open.." Gerard purred, letting those damn fingers ghost lightly over Frank's crotch, gaining a rather unmanly squeak from the younger man when he groped him.

Gerard had wanted to giggle, but was startled when Frank got up, grabbed his jacket and was out the door with a hurried "I'll be back."

Poor addled Frank searched every sex shop in that town and the next town over, not really knowing there were so many sex shops. His search really seemed quite hopeless and in vain.. until he came to the last sex shop. He found Gerard in the kitchen when he came home, thrusting the bottle of pineapple flavored lube in the redhead's hands.

"Here." He panted tiredly. "It took me forever.. but I found it." He went to kiss Gerard on the side of the head but the singer stopped him and held up his own bottle of lube.

It was pineapple.

"Sorry. I had a bottle. I guess I kinda forgot." And oh, he just looked so innocent when he said that, making that little face of his.

Frank blinked a few times and shook his head, grabbing Gerard by the arm and pushing him in the way of their bedroom. "Just for that, you definitely get no lube.."


"Dammit, Frank!" Gerard squirmed. He was on his elbows and knees, his hands cuffed in front of him to the bed rails and that wiggling ass a bright red. "I didn't know! I swear!" The redhead pouted.

"Send me all over to look for lube you already had.." Frank giggled playfully- he fucking giggled, the bastard- as he swatted Gerard's bare bottom a few more times.

Gerard yelped. "God, you bitch! Mhm.. can we please use the lube? It hurts dry. You can use the cherry. You like the cherry."

Frank shook his head, letting his tattooed fingers ghost between Gerard's cheeks before tapping his pucker. "Nope. You're not a cherry. So using cherry would be pointless."

Gerard pouted. "Not like you're an angel either..."

I tweeted this bit by bit on Twitter. I used to do these Twitter Fics/Porn & was just having a bit of fun with this. I didn't get any further and decided to not go any further. It's supposed to be kinda crack-y. I was reading thru fanfics & I only like Gerard as a bottom & those are hard to find (apparently a bottom Gerard is frustratingly unpopular) and when I do find them I notice that the writers really don't give Gerard lube. He always takes it dry. So it was just a joke towards that. Frank mentioning the writer (me) never writing Gerard w/ the atomic red hair is a stab at myself- the omg was deliberate. I love Gerard w/ all hair colors & am not picky, but I always seem to write him w/ longish black hair. I did love the atomic red tho.



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