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The White Room;
Chapter three/ 'Chemical Reaction'
Warnings; Some grossness, nothing major.
Set-up; Gerard has a reaction to what Lenny dosed him with and Frank stays with him.
Pairing; Future Frerard.
Author; Terrahfry
Disclaimer; Still never happened.

AO3; http://archiveofourown.org/works/9448790/chapters/21708416

Frank sat with him all night, sleeping in a uncomfortable chair by his bed. He wasn't sure why this was important, or why it mattered, it's not like Gerard hadn't been knocked out before.. but he had been knocked out this time after waking up from some obviously very bad dreams. He hadn't been throwing fits, he woke up from a nightmare, obviously dreaming about what those monsters did to him, and then there was Lenny holding him down, of course he fucking freaked out, it was only natural. What's worse is Gerard had woken from some bad dreams only to get knocked right back out into them. Lenny was an asshole, and Frank was tired of it.

A few times Gerard had woken Frank up whimpering and muttering in his sleep, but nothing too alarming, and for the most part Gerard stayed asleep. Now though he started to stir, eyelids fluttering before opening. Hazel eyes stared around blearily. They landed on the man sleeping in the chair by his bed and he flinched at first until his brain registered that it was just Frank and he had no need to be alarmed.

"Huhn.. Frankie..? Frank..?" He wet his dry lips.

The younger man stirred a bit before jumping up alert. "Yeah.. yeah, Gee, I'm here. How'd you sleep?"

"Have you been there all night?"

"Pretty much." Frank yawned.

"Why?" Because really he couldn't fathom why anyone would want to sit at his bedside for any reason- well, other than his parents or Mikey when he had been sick in the past or something like that, but that was entirely different. Not even Jordan wanted anything to do with him when he was messed up or sick.

"I wanted to make sure you were okay."

Gerard was still groggy and smacked his lips, eyes fluttering shut. "Was there any Hypnocil in that needle last night, Frankie..? I don't think I dreamed." Which was probably good, but..

"Um, no.. I don't think so. Least if there was it'd keep Freddy Krueger away, huh." He knows Gerard had to have dreamed, but it was probably good if he didn't remember. Heh, maybe Lenny dosed him with Imobatine since they were referencing fictional medications from Freddy vs. Jason.

"I'd rather deal with Freddy than.. you know.." Gerard sighed. "I don't feel good."

"Yeah?" Frank gently laid a hand on his forehead to check and see if he felt hot, which he did. His breathing was shallow and his focus seemed shaky. "You're a little warm. I'm gonna go get some-"

"No!" Gerard jolted up a little too quickly to grab Frank's arm, which was a mistake because he ended up losing what little was in his stomach.. all over the orderly who had been so nice to sit all night with him. "Fu'h.. I'm so sorry.. fuck.." His head spun and he felt another violent tug at his stomach and he was retching again while Frank pulled his small trashcan over to the side of the bed so he could lean over and finish throwing up.

"Don't worry about it, man. C'mon, don't fight it, hurts more if you fight puke, I know." Yeah, so okay, it was very gross, but all it did was get on his scrubs and it's not like he hadn't been puked on before. He had once worked in a children's ward. He had seen and dealt with some of the grossest of the gross.

Gerard felt Frank rubbing his back in gentle circles, soothing him. He got him cleaned off and tied up the bag in the trashcan, taking it with him. Gerard groaned and laid back on the bed. He had thrown up on Frank, that was just great. He probably thought he was disgusting now.

Frank tossed the bag, running into another orderly by the name of Ray Toro on the way. Ray was tall, broad and had a sweet ass 'fro that could have its own fan club. He could probably kick Lenny's ass if he had too, but he was such a lovable nerd and Teddy bear, that that most likely wouldn't happen.. maybe unless Lenny showed he was really dangerous or some shit. Lenny was a dangerous, Frank just had to prove it.

"Whoa, what happened to you?"

"I think Gerard had a reaction to whatever Lenny poked him with last night. He threw up on me. Can you peek in on him and watch him while I change?"

Ray nodded. "Sure thing, man."

Because of situations like this, Frank always brought extra clothes and scrubs to work with him. He got his bag out of his locker and stepped right in the shower with his soiled scrubs on to rinse off the vomit before peeling them off, which was a task because wet clothes never want to come off easily. He dried off quickly because it was cold and he didn't need to get sick and miss work for various reasons. He redressed in some fresh scrubs before heading back out to check on Gerard, he still had some free time before his regular shift started.

Upon getting back to the room, he noticed Gerard was practically curled up in his covers in a ball, shivering. Ray held up an electronic thermometer. "Okay, Gerard, I'm just gonna check your temperature. You know how it works, it slides across your forehead." He swiped the device across his forehead and looked at it when it beeped. "It's a little high, not critical, but we'll keep an eye on it."

Gerard felt foggy, like he was under water, Ray even sounded so distant. Frank was back and got him more blankets, thankfully, he was freezing. He felt weird, like he'd drank a whole lot of sugary cough syrup, floaty and tingly in an uncomfortable way. Ray left the room and Frank had a little light that he was using to look in his eyes, he guessed Frank asked him to follow it with his eyes, so he tried to do so, he assumed he had did so correctly because Frank put the light back into his pocket.

"I think you're just having a reaction to the medicine." Frank said. Well, duh. "Fucking asshole Lenny."

Gerard tried to get up and almost fell out of bed had it not been for Frank catching him. He was dizzy and the room spun. He blinked hard and took a deep breath, releasing it.

"Hey, whoa.. take it easy.." Frank said, steadying him.

His mouth felt like cotton. "I hafta go t' the baffum.."

"Huh?" Frank looked at him confused, apparently that didn't come out right. Then Frank realized what he was trying to say. "Oh. You need to use the bathroom? Okay. Just steady now."

Frank helped him to the small bathroom in his room and stood outside the door just in case he fell flat of his face or something. He was glad Frank didn't come in to assist him, that would have been mortifying, but it was quite the task when the room refused to stay still. He got done without passing out and brushed his teeth real quick in the tiny little sink so he wouldn't have to taste vomit all day. He let Frank lead him back to bed. Then Ray was back with one of those damn blood pressure cuffs.

"Okay, I'm just going to check your blood pressure." He said as he adjusted the cuff on his arm after he sat back down on the bed.

He hated these things, squeezing the fat of his arm and hurting him. But right now he was too tired to care. He also hated that he flinched whenever someone tried to touch him in a professional manner. He hated it, he knew that not all men were rapists and the doctors and nurses and orderlies were just doing their jobs, but he still flinched and it was frustrating. It made him feel even more ashamed of what had happened.

"It's a little high, but I wouldn't worry about it. We can keep a check on it. I think you should see the doctor about this, maybe get something to counteract whatever Lenny gave you." Ray suggested before leaving.

Gerard nodded, but did not agree. He ended up seeing the doctor anyway as Frank dragged the poor little balding man into his room. The doctor didn't touch him to his relief and was very quick and barely thorough. But at least he was the prescribed something to help with the nausea and dizziness.. that was thankfully in pill form.

Frank left him to rest while he did some of his other duties. They didn't want Gerard getting up just yet, so he was bed fast. He didn't like that, nothing to do but lay in bed and stare at the white walls and ceiling. He was so tired of all the white. White walls, white ceiling, white room. Frank would come in to check on him every little bit and get him some water, and to give him his usual meds, and then a little tray from the cafeteria for lunch, and later dinner. It was just good that the room managed to stop spinning and his nausea went away. He still felt like shit though, and he was still bored.


Gerard was restless, tossing and turning on the uncomfortable, hard mattress. He wanted to sleep, he didn't want to dream. He was hot one minute, cold the next, and his skin felt like it was crawling. He sighed and gave up trying to sleep and went over to his small dresser drawers- they were like the preschool kind that were made of red, green and blue plastic and were the only colorful thing in the room. He kept his comics in here with his socks and underwear and rummaged through them until he found the one he wanted.

Frank came back as soon as he was settled back in bed, propped up against the wall at the head of the bed with his pillow behind his back. "Aha, contraband." Frank giggled when Gerard glared at him. "I'm just joking. I know you have them." They knew he had them, there was no rule against them, besides, having something Gerard loved could do him some good. Frank plopped down in the chair. "Nightmare Bureau. What's that about?"

"It's about a comic writer named Jeremy, who the Bogeyman, Cassidy, becomes fascinated with and wants him to tell her story, so he writes a comic called the Nightmare Bureau about a comic writer named Garry, meeting the Bogeyman and writing a comic telling her story, cuz the author Tara Ryan likes paradoxes." Gerard gave a twitch of a smile.

Frank held his head. "That all seems very confusing."

Gerard shook his head. "Not really. The comic the writer, Garry, writes in the story is never mentioned in detail, we assume it's about the Bogeyman's adventures like it is in the main story. The Nightmare Bureau is made up of different nightmare fiends, the Bogeyman, the Tooth Fairy, and the Grim Reaper, and how they help keep the balance on earth and in the nightmare realm."

"The Tooth Fairy? How is she a nightmare fiend? Well, I mean, I know the concept of some chick breaking into your room to get your teeth can be scary, but.. she leaves money, so.."

"He is not the Tooth Fairy that parents tell their children about. He doesn't come after kid's teeth. It's merely a nickname because he was known to visit bad men in their sleep in prison and yank their teeth out. He didn't leave quarters or shit. They basically punish bad souls as is their job in Hell. And the Reaper doesn't just kill people, he isn't Death, he's under Death in rank and above the reapers, he is more an angel of life and death, keeping those from going before their time and averting tragedies." Gerard explained.

"So what about the Bogeyman? What's her story?" Frank asked, humoring him. He sat cross-legged and rested his elbows on his knees and his chin in his hands.

"She was human once and in love, and her lover got killed and she sold her soul to the Devil to bring him back, but when he came back, he told her he didn't love her and had been having an affair, so she killed him and his lover before taking her own life, so as punishment, the Devil made her take on the role of a nightmare. She would be the Bogeyman and give bad people nightmares. She would overtime become responsible for most of the monster legends and campfire tales, she was the one to give people horror stories and horror movie ideas over the years."

"So, it really didn't seem like punishment."

"Well, at first it was, she was to terrorize kids, but she refused to hurt them. She would visit the mean children and make them afraid of the monsters in their closets and under their beds.. but they were really safe because there was no actual monster other than her. Her job was to be feared and be Fear herself. It's her job, and she grew to love her job when she saw people start to enjoy being scared."

"So, I bet she was resonsible for Freddy Krueger, huh?" Frank mused.

"She was totally responsible for Freddy Krueger."

"I can't get over that the Bogeyman is a chick. Not saying that's not awesome, cuz it totally is."

"Cassidy Rynes is badass."

"I don't doubt that." Frank smiled, he was actually getting Gerard to talk about and engage in something. Why hadn't he thought to use comics before? Gerard seemed to light up when talking about them, and it kept his mind focused on them instead of something bad. This was progress.

I feel some of this chapter was rushed. I kindly wanted Frank to take care of Gerard. Okay, I don't know much about comics. So I created one. The Nightmare Bureau was an idea I had for a story exactly as Gerard describes it.. but I confused myself with it, so I never got far. I just used the idea for a conversation piece. Frank's getting him to talk. Also, Cassidy Rynes was a vampire in another story, but I let her be the Bogeyman here. Tara Ryan is a another name I use for my own Mary Sue Taryn Jacobs in personal stories. The name came from Gerard's Hesitant Alien first track The Bureau, but most of the fiends are inspired by the show Supernatural. Hypnosil and Imobatine are fiction medications from horror movies A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors and Freddy vs. Jason.



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