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The White Room;
Chapter seven/ 'The Storm on the Outside'
Warnings; A patient masturbating.
Set-up; Frank likes to send gifts, Gerard likes to draw, Roman likes to be a creep, the weather likes to storm.
Pairing; Future Frerard.
Author; Terrahfry.
Disclaimer; Didn't happen.

Frank was determined to romance Gerard. So he sent him pink carnation flowers in a plastic vase.

"The flowers are a lovely gesture, but whoever sent them doesn't know that they're dead. They don't need to kill flowers in my honor." Gerard said, nose buried in his book, a twitch tugging at the corner of his mouth.

Frank slouched. "I'm sure they meant well."

Gerard then smiled, because it's not like he didn't know who they were from. "I know, Frankie."

Gerard borrowed a few big heavy encyclopedias from the library- it's not like anyone else was using them for anything- and in between the pages of the bottom one in the stack, he put the flowers between two sheets of wax paper he had Frank acquire for him so he could press them. He stacked the other eight encyclopedias on top of that one.

So, Frank started giving him small bouquets of fake flowers. He'd just leave them where Gerard would be; on his bed, on the rec couch. They were made of some kind of silky material, but were pretty like the real ones, and these would never wilt and die. Gerard got a hold of some tape and started taping the small bouquets to his wall as a decorative piece. It was a nice addition to the plain solid white wall that bored him and drove him crazy to look at. There were roses and carnations, irises, lilacs, lilies, sunflowers, hibiscuses, anything Frank could find. They had plenty at dollar stores and shit for much cheaper than real flowers and they'd last forever.

He'd also leave him little encouraging notes.

'You're so sweet', 'you're cute', 'I like being around you', 'you're so talented', 'just wanted to say you're the most beautiful soul I ever met.. also you're eyes, they're beautiful too', 'I love it when you smile'.

And Gerard would leave Frank little drawings of random things; a picture of a cartoony coffee mug with a jazzed expression on its 'face', a picture of Lenny as a jackass, sometimes even a drawing of Frank himself.

Frank even had stuffed animals sent to Gerard. Like a big soft Grumpy Care Bear, a green turtle- that Gerard named Girdy, for whatever reason- a little raccoon with big eyes and a soft body. He thought he might need an army of plushies to keep the nightmares away. And he gave him a dreamcatcher to hang on the wall above his bed, just in case. Gerard doubted that would work, but the gesture was so sweet. Jordan had never spontaneously given him gifts, big or small. Gerard liked the small gifts. Frank even got for him an extra comfortable pair of thick slipper socks to keep his feet warm.


It was pouring to rain, coming down hard. A loud crack of thunder rang out and the lightening flashed outside the window, lighting up the night sky. Gerard curled up tighter under the blanket. He didn't like the storm, not when it was this bad. Rain he could handle, but this was like the heavens were angry.

Roman Wexler sat watching him from the corner of his eye. His chick Casandra hadn't been visiting and the little emo boy was just so pretty. An even louder clap of thunder sounded and he jumped and hid even more under the blanket. Roman wet his lips, watching him shiver was fun. He had his knees tucked up to his chest on the couch, his arms wrapped around them and his head buried in his arms. His hair was getting a little shaggier now and always looked in a constant state of uncombed, like someone had been pulling and tugging it..

Then that damn orderly that always hung around him was there, stroking his hair back and whispering shit to him as he sat beside him and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. Gerard looked up at him and gave a little smile that showed no teeth, just lips pressed together, his weird little pointed nose scrunched up and eyes squinted. It was kind of cute.. if you liked psychos, Roman thought.

Frank leaned over and kissed his forehead. "See, storm's not so bad." Then another boom of the damn thunder made the orderly jump and that made Gerard giggle and snuggle closer to Frank. "That's so not funny."

"Awe, we can protect each other from the big bad storm." Gerard had his head laying on Frank's shoulder now, closing his eyes as he yawned and smacking his lips. "Rain's making me sleepy, Frankie."

"You wanna turn in early? I'll sit with you for awhile before I head home."

"Do you really wanna drive home in that shit, Frankie?"

Frank sighed and stared toward the window where the rain literally cascaded down. No, he really didn't. He dreaded even going out in that shit. He'd try and wait until it calmed down. "Not right now, I don't. Sheesh, it's pouring out in buckets."

"Mhm.." Gerard got up and helped Frank up and headed for his room. Night meds were dispensed and there was nothing else to do, but sleep. He had been sleeping more peacefully at least. He still had the occasional nightmare, but it was mainly blurred and he'd wake up before the really bad stuff happened. It helped when Frank was there to stay with him until he fell asleep. It also helped that the flowers- and where he had used different colored crayons in some of his recent art work and taped the pictures up on his walls- had added a bit of color to the white room.

He was still embarrassed about a few nights ago. He was sleep deprived and wasn't thinking clearly. Truth was, he had no idea if he could have normal sex again. He thought maybe one day.. he didn't think he could talk to a therapist about that, he didn't know how to address it. They'd probably tell him he wasn't ready and he knew that, he wanted to know when he'd be ready, or if he could ever be ready. He wasn't even sure what he and Frank had, but he liked what it was so far. He didn't want to mess that up.


The next day Gerard watched the clock with concern as he sat on the couch. Frank was late, which was unusual. Frank was always on time, or early.. and if he was late, it was only ever by a few minutes. It had stormed bad last night and Frank went out in it. He hoped he hadn't got sick.. or something bad hadn't happened. He thought about things he didn't want to think about. Maybe he was just sick.. he knew Frank had stayed sick as a child.

Gerard sighed and took his focus away from the wall clock, because that wasn't helping. He grabbed his sketchbook and began to draw some badass pumpkin with an evil grin, since Frank was born on Halloween- like how fucking cool was that shit anyway?- with the words 'Keep the Faith' in beautiful calligraphy. His hand writing was usually shit, but this was turning out wonderful. Frank would like it.

He had gotten so into it he hadn't paid attention to his surroundings. He heard heavy panting, and then a groan and looked over to the large table in the middle of the room, sitting on the other side was that guy they called Roman, the one with the horndog girlfriend. He was lounged back in the chair, hand down his pants, obviously rubbing himself off. He was staring at Gerard, glassy-eyed and focused. His lips twitched into a little smirk when he saw Gerard look at him. Then he wet his lips and began thrusting up into his hand, moaning.

Gerard was horrified and disgusted.. okay, it wasn't like some of the patients here hadn't just randomly started wanking it.. but usually they didn't know any better and some really didn't even know where they were, who they were, or what day of the damn year it was. But Gerard knew this guy knew what he was doing. He wasn't crazy, just a sociopath, apparently. Gerard shuddered when Roman blew a kiss at him, then was bucking his hips and moaning as he obviously came in his pants.

Gerard shook his head and looked down at his paper. His face felt hot, so he had to be blushing furiously. He began scribbling really fast on a new drawing when he was startled by a heavy body flopping right down beside him.

"Hey, pretty baby, enjoy the show? I know I liked you watching me. Did you like watching me?" He raked a strand of Gerard's hair unnecessarily behind his ear. It just fell back down.

Gerard flinched violently and moved away to the other cushion at the end. He didn't want this creep touching him. He didn't want this creep talking to him.

But then Roman was sliding back down beside him, trapping him against the couch arm. "Awe, c'mon now, don't be rude. Your little boyfriend's running a bit late." He threw his arm around him and Gerard tensed, freezing completely up, his heart racing as his anxiety mounted.

"Please stop. Don't touch me. I don't like to be touched." He managed calmly.

"Oh, baby, don't lie to me. I see how you are with.. Frank, is it? He really likes you. Who could blame him? You're so pretty and soft.." He was lightly brushing the tips of his fingers up and down Gerard's arm, giving him unwanted contact and chillbumps. "Your skin is so smooth."

Gerard pushed him away. "Leave me alone. I do not want you touching me or talking me. It is my right as a human being not to be terrorized."

Roman laughed. "Well, it seemed you were in here because some other guys couldn't accept 'no', huh?" He was then grabbing Gerard's arm hard and yanking him closer. "I don't take no as an answer either." He wet his lips and grinned. "Besides, you look like a hott chick anyway and my girl hasn't came to visit in awhile. We can go to the broom closet. What do you say?"

"No."  Gerard replied with a defiance he was proud of himself for.


Frank cursed as he got into the shower, his alarm had apparently reset itself when the power went out last night. Frank had been so dead to the world, he didn't even know it, so he couldn't set it back and he overslept. He knew the power went out because it was flashing when he woke up. Fuck, Gerard was going to be upset.

He dried off and dressed quickly and headed out. He'd grab a bite to eat at the cafeteria when he got to work. He got there and was nearly lectured by one of the nurses for being so late. He grabbed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from the vending machine and scarfed it down quickly, chasing it with a can of soda.

He hurried and changed into his scrubs and was off to check on Gerard. Morning meds had already been dispensed by Ray. Frank was whistling a bit cheerfully when he entered the rec.. but what he found, he didn't like, and that was the end of his cheerful mood. Roman was leaning over a squirming Gerard, who looked frightened. Then Roman was shoving his hand up Gerard's shirt.

"C'mon, baby, I can rock your world. Forget about that little midget."

"Hey, get the fuck off of him." Frank growled, drawing Roman's attention.

"Or what? What're you going to do if I don't, chief?"

Frank grabbed his shirt and was pulling him off. "I said get off, he obviously doesn't want whatever your offering."

Roman merely gave him a grin and shrugged. "I wasn't serious, god. I was just having some fun, I wasn't going to do anything." He bowed to Gerard, who had curled up into a ball, hugging his knees to his chest, rocking and muttering.

"Just get the hell out of here." Frank watched him leave and then was tending to Gerard. "Hey, hey.. it's alright. I'm here. You're okay."

"You're late." His voice was tight and watery, like he was about to cry- and he probably was.

"I'm so sorry, the stormed knocked the power out and it reset my alarm. I overslept, I didn't mean to. He didn't hurt you, did he?"

Gerard shook his head. "I'm just glad it was your alarm and nothing bad happened."

"Don't worry about me, I can handle anything. I'm fine." He was then massaging Gerard's shoulders.

Gerard relaxed slightly. "He was sitting over there masturbating in front of me. He got off when he saw me see him. I told him no, I said stop. I said no, Frankie."

"I know. I'm really sorry. I'll tell Joe about it."

Gerard shrugged. "Here, I drew this for you." He handed him the picture of the badass, evil looking pumpkin, not making eye contact. He had to do that sometimes, disassociate himself.

"Oh, wow.. this is fucking awesome, Gee. I mean, it's wicked. I love it." He kissed Gerard's temple. Gerard smiled, he liked making Frank happy.

Eh, I really don't have anything for this. Roman's a creep. Girdy? I have no idea why Girdy.



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